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Does Anyone Have A Spare Set?


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Hey All,

I've been off the boards for a while so I hope you all are doing well!
In my downtime I decided to take the RMR off of my M4 so that I can run open sights. While I like the look and quick target picture of the RMR, I prefer the irons due to my being able to get the gun deeper into my cheek. Makes for more comfortable shooting, for me anyway.

The only downside to this is that at night I am not able to see my sights. I thought about the Scalaworks mount but after getting lucky enough to acquire a CarrierComp rail (thanks again StrangerDanger), I really don't want to take it off. From what I can tell, I'm only left with the option of adding night sites to my gun.

All of that was said to ask this- does anybody have a spare set that they are no longer using? Used is definitely fine, provided it's in decent shape. 


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