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M2 advice needed


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I have a couple things I would like to address with my current M2 field . I turkey hunt with it but I thought this group would be able to give me the best advice . I would like to get a good trigger job . My current trigger is a little heavier than I like and has significant creep . I would be willing to send it to Briley or FFT or just do a spring upgrade . I don’t mind spending the money on a good trigger . I would really like as little creep as possible and 4ish pounds . Also  I had the  receiver D&T and put a scalarworks mount and RMR on it . Really like it . Problem is not enough material in the 2 holes closest to barrel . They pulled loose . So I would like to get either a slug or tactical model receiver  with factory drilled and tapped holes . I would love to just buy the receiver . The only receivers I have come across are the same field model I already have . I guessing the only way I’m going to do this is the buy another gun and part it out . I feel like a tactical model gives me the best chance of selling unneeded parts . My concern with the tactial models are the ghost ring . I have never looked at one of the models . I’m guessing that ghost ring is held on with another screw so is there a 5th hole in that receiver ? So if you guys have any recommendations on a good trigger upgrade for creep and lower trigger pull weight and the best option for me to acquire a factory drillled and tapped receiver I would appreciate your info . Thanks 

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Trigger - I have the Taran Tactical springs and the pull is nice, lighter.  But, the creep is bugging me when I am shooting trap.  Would be good to call Briley and ask them if there trigger takes the slack out.  Considered modifying it myself, but didn't want make the trigger unsafe and have it go full auto.

Rear sight - on the tactical, you still have two holes after you put a M2 rail on it.  I suspect a M4 rail will fit as it has a similar but larger footprint.

Ghost ring front - I have just considered cutting it off and adding a 6in briley barrel extension.  Now its a 24.5in barrel, lol.

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