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Corrected version, testing my M2 to answer my questions...

Bluu Knight

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Yesterday, I went to the range to do a little shooting, keeping sharp as a retired L.E... A friend arrived and became a cameraman for a brief video. I wanted to answer a few questions about mating the new Federal ammo, Force X times 2, with my M2, which no one else had done so far. I also used my Accelerometer to determine scientifically, not by feel or guess, if the new federal loads do recoil less than other standard 00buck loads in my gun. 


  1. Yes, the new Federal loads do function very well in the M2.
  2. Yes, they do recoil less than the other standards loads I had at hand. 

I shot a short video of such testing, a fun session, only of the above questions. The rest of the shooting was all fun and training, off-camera to keep the video short and on point.

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