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Change in SBE barrel design?


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I have an older SBE 24” with sn# U107083, and barrel number S113875. My buddy just bought a brand new SBE 28” today with sn# U228236, and barrel number S245196. Both guns appear to be the same on the outside, but the inside receiver part of the barrels were quite different. Are these barrels interchangeable with these guns? If not then, when looking for a 28” barrel for my older model will I have to make sure it is for my vintage of SBE? Thanks for any help or suggestions.

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Unless I am mistaken, the change you are speaking of is the revision of the ejector plate assembly. I think it occurred sometime between 99-01. My 2002 SBE has the newer assembly, a friend's 98 SBE has the older set-up.


In the older SBE's, the ejector plate was held in place by the ejector plate cover using two small allen head screws. The ejector plate is prone to breaking, I have broken 2 so far in 15,000 rounds. I have the tools to fix the old ejector plate, so it's no big deal, the old SBE is my constant companion.


The newer SBE's have a flat sheet-metal style ejector plate assembly. My 2002 SBE slug and regular barrel have this new style of ejector.


I interchange all three barrels on a regular basis with no problems so far.


Maybe Monte has some additional input?


mudhen - CA

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Thanks Mudhen, you described my ejector plate with the allen heads perfectley. Thank God my has not yet broken. I'll be on the look out and start trying to gather tools for when this might happen (knocking on wood). It also looks like the barrel at the front of the forearm has a bit longer tang on it than my old one too, with some slight differences in the inside of the plastic forearm molding as well.


So if I understand you corectly, I should be able to mount his barrel on mine (or a new one for that mater) with my same older forearm and all should be fine?


Thanks for your input on this.



Kansan- you guessed it, from Kansas.

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