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Benelli M3 Collapsible Stock Tube


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I finally just recently got my hands on one of the collapsible stocks/pistol grips that are compatible with the Benelli M3. The only problem is it did not come with the tube for it and I am having a difficult time finding the correct one. I'v contacted Benelli two times now but they keep sending me links to regular recoil tubes which wont allow for the stock to actually collapse. 

Could somebody please confirm if one of the two links I post below are what I need, and if not where could I find the correct tube? Any help is much appreciated especially because I already started purchasing American made parts to make the firearm 922r compliant.

Thanks everyone





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hello, I don't have a M3..  but each one of those links gives you a serial number reference to go by .. one is if your serial number is above  Z543224 and the other one is if its below Z543224 ... you will have to check your serial number.. so to me the real question is...  what if your serial number is Z543224 ?? 

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I'm thinking that the 20 after the T on yours would be 2020 .. unless you know you bought it before that.. if its a 2020 I would tend to think its the after Z543224 serial number .. thet started using the last two digit year codes in 2020.. 

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