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Old 121 SL 80


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Who knows anything about the old 121 SL 80. Any thought on one with an old Leupold VariX-III mounted on a weaver. Any and all information about them would be much appreciated.

Guy at the local shop told me I can mount M1 hardware to it?? Says it's the same reciever, action, etc......

Whoever's got info please help!!! Don't know whether to think about putting the pistol grip on it. Judging by other's mention of cycling problems resulting from weight gains and the fact that it already has the scope and heavy wood furniture, well, you get my drift.

Is this thing worth $800 or so?? and should I bother with the thing at all or ditch it? Seems like a well built gun. and has the HK marks on it from when they imported it.




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theres nothing wrong with the SL80 121 series shotgun,,,,there still hot,,,go for some mods,,like different furniture,,scopes,,no side saddles,,those are no no's in my book,,get a strap on kind of side saddle for the stock instead,,,I converted my Benelli 121 M1 riot gun to plastic,,love it,,, as far as money goes,shop around if you don't like the price,,M1014 :cool: 327856.jpg 340071.jpg


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Thanks, so you're in agreement with the guy that it's basically an M1 with different barrel/furniture? I've never owned a shotgun so I don't have a clue on these things, just what I've read. I've got a few Sigs (pistols), hence the ID, but I've decided for home defense I should learn shotgun with a tactical twinge to it. (I'd really like an MP5/10 conversion as well, but my bank account says hold the horsies for a while :( )


Am I to understand you said NO scopes??


I don't mind the price, I just normally don't buy used, but two pistols in the last month (Sigs of course) says I'd better go a little more conservative and learn about these things before going all out with an M4. (plus, it's a nice gun and it looked lonely).


Sorry for the rambling, but my major concern is whether or not this is essentially the same mechanicals as an M1. I can take care of stocks/lightening, and may consider manufacturing a longer tube for it (8rd is standard I take it?).

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okay,,this is the scoop,,for 800 bucks you should get a Benelli M1 Super 90,,because this is a good beginers semiauto,,there are plenty on the web for reasonable prices,,the SL80-121 series is great gun also,,but for the money and your experience you should stick with the new shcool stuff over the old school stuff,,both will take scopes not side saddles,,as far as mix matching parts ,,its trial and error,,I found the correct stock for the Benelli 121,,but I;ve gotta forge a forend from the newer M1 Super 90 series..whatever you decide will be just fine,,,I or someone else will still help you as you are helping me,,thanks M1014 :cool:


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Hmm. What's the diff with the S90 mechanically?


Also, I am a little leary of buying online (for a firearm at least). Any sites that you prefer?


I might go ahead with fixin up the old'n just for kicks. I kinda like a challenge. It does already have a scope (the Leupold I mentioned in opening the thread).


What exactly did you need help with?


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Dear Rusty Sig,

I believe the word that you're looking for is "corrosion". Yes, stainless can rust; it just resists corrosion longer than steel does. The alloys that you are talking about also tend to resist corrosion longer. I should know--my dad built the submarines for the Afghanistan Navy.

"I'm not sure what's worse: wood that gets termites, or plastic that melts."

I'm waiting for someone to answer your question about your scope. I think that what you need for home defense is a scope of at least 24 power magnification, and a light on it. MagLight make a cool little compact model that is waterproof, reliable, and lightweight. It's called a Solitaire, and takes a readily available battery: the good 'ol AAA. And get a tube extention that holds at least 10 rounds of 3 and a half inch mags. That should only be approx. 37 inches long, if you think about a spring and follower, too. But if you have the 18 inch barrel option, it should be short enough to clear corners easily. I believe that you can also get a tripod for it. That way you can fire those 3 1/2 in buckshot rounds with great precision, especially when moving targets are involved. See what I mean about forums now? :mad:

So much for being practical and actually shooting a lot--LOTS of practice makes all the difference in the world.


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