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Nova Mercury-Recoil Sys Question


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I was wondering if anyone has this and can tell me how well it really works. I shoot mostly field stuff and would like to step up to heavier hitting loads. Would you say it cuts down the felt recoil 25%, a third, a half??? What would be your guess.


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I added the mercury-filled recoil reduction system to my Nova Tactical about a year ago, and I haven't been very impressed. I would estimate that it reduces recoil about 10% - at the most. The recoil reducer adds about a pound to the gun's weight, and the added weight alone would account for that much reduction in recoil. Frankly, I wish I'd saved the $65!


Others who use heavier loads have reported that the recoil reducer does a good job for them. I can't comment since I haven't tried heavy loads.

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I have two Novas. I put the recoil reducer in the tactical, which I bought for 3-gun shoots. I find it makes the gun more comfortable to shoot but can't estimate the % reduction in kick. It definitely improves the balance of the gun.......that's my bit for now.


I didn't install it yet in my 28" camo , which after a 100 clay sporting shoot, the shoulder is sore and bruised. Transfer from one to the other would be simple. I would also imagine that when you install it, it is critical to have the included hose ( which tensions the mercury tube in the bracket) cut so that it is snug when installed. I could be wrong, but that's the way I did it.



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