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  1. Do a search and you will find many comments. IMHO it isn't worth the money.
  2. I had completely forgotten about the Vinci being revealed until today, so I took a look at the Benelli website. Wow, that thing sets a new standard in looks - really really BAD! I don't care how well it functions, I don't want to have to apologize every time somebody looks at it. No wonder Benelli launched such an aggressive ad campaign before it was released.
  3. When you posted on a public forum, did you expect everybody to just agree with you and not have an opinion about the fairness of what you wrote? You were angry when you posted, and personally slammed the maker of the produce without giving them a chance to correct the problem. Most people who read your post didn't respond you way you thought they would. The maker of the product you complained about even had the guts to publicly respond to your problem, and you're mad about that too! If you don't want feedback, then don't post on public forums!
  4. Personally I don't like them, and do not see much need for them on a HD shotgun. Not many folks are gonna stick around when the buckshot starts flying for you to need a reload. Admittedly there may be an exception, but I'll take my chances!
  5. HerbG

    Nova Misfire

    "......I am using 3 1/2" shells..." Do you have the problem only with the 3-1/2" shells or also with 2-3/4 and 3" shells?
  6. Just Google "Door Breaching" and you will find more info and videos than you could possibly want.
  7. HerbG

    SBE2 & Nasty Kick

    Why not take a look at the recoil pads offered by PAST. They fit under you jacket or into a pocket on the inside of your jacket. They do a great job of absorbing heavy recoil, they are inexpensive, and don't require any mods to your gun. I started using them as I got older and less recoil tolerant. I used them with a light .375 H&H fired off the benchrest, and they made shooting the .375 tolerable. They are available from: http://www.battenfeldtechnologies.com/past/
  8. I use W-W reduced recoil tactical loads with #4 Buckshot in my Benelli. I strongly suggest you take your new gun to the range along with an assortment of loads and actually pattern it to determine where it patterns in relationship to where you aim. It will also help you select the best load for your gun. I chose the particular load I use because it patterns great in my gun and it shoots to point of aim with good coverage of the silhouette targets I used in patterning.
  9. 1 pound = 7,000 grains 1 ounce = 437.5 grains
  10. Absolutely nothing takes the place of hauling your shotgun to the range with a variety of ammunition and actually shooting patterns with the loads you are thinking about using. Personally I use silhouette targets at 15 yards because I am most interested in where the gun is patterning as opposed to where I am aiming. Secondly, I want to know if the pattern is consistent and covers the silhouette target well. I ended up a reduced recoil load of #4 buckshot from WW as my standard defensive load in a Benelli Nova Tactical. It patterns the load on the point of aim and every one of the 27 pellets is
  11. The Nova Tactical does not come with interchangeable choke tubes, so you have to change barrels in order to change the choke. However, you can have a gunsmith thread the original barrel to accept choke tubes. Most seem to charge about $75 plus the cost of the choke tubes for this work. If you are looking for an all around shotgun, the Tactical may not be your best choice. The rifle-type sights are not great for wing shooting, trap or skeet, and even if you change the barrel, you still have the rear sight mounted on the receiver. Of course, you can remove the rear sight, but all that is a
  12. I've posted several times about my experiences with the recoil reducer, and you can do a search for those comments. Basically I agree with LabradorGuy that they do almost nothing when you are shooting 2-3/4" loads. I haven't tried 3" and 3.5 inch ammo, so I cannot comment. It does add about one-pound to the weight of the gun, so you probably get some slight reduction from that alone. Of course, the added weight also changes the balance of the gun. For me, the recoil reducer was a waste of money.
  13. I don't know if the Benelli uses MIM parts, but I would be surprised if both guns didn't have them. The 870 has a long and distinguished record with LEA, and I don't know if one gun is "better" than the other. However, the Nova does have one feature that is not found in the 870 - a magazine cut-off that allows the user to load a single round into the chamber without feeding a round from the magazine. This would let you load a slug or less-lethal round without affecting the loads in the magazine. I don't know if this feature is important in your situation or not. Certainly, there are man
  14. Benelli has them listed on their website under "Parts and accessories." Also, the US importer for the LPA ghost ring sights is: http://www.precisionsights.com
  15. Limbsaver also makes a replacement pad for the Nova. See: http://www.limbsaver.com
  16. I installed the Benelli recoil reducer in my Nova Tactical and didn't feel much difference in perceived recoil. The unit adds about one-pound to the weight of the gun, so there is some reduction due purely to the added weight, but not enough to justify the price. I could have added one-pound of anything and it would have had the same effect! However, some users of the recoil reducer feel that it is more effective with heavier loads. I was using law enforcement reduced recoil buckshot and slug loads. If you are expecting a major reduction in recoil by adding a mercury recoil reducer, I thi
  17. "I was not aware that the ATF can pass a law without congress." Congress passes the laws, but whatever agency (in this case the BATF) is charged with implementing the law, writes the regulations that actually implement the law. Often, the agency uses that opportunity to expand and interpret the law in whatever way they want. It almost always results in more power being grabbed by the agency.
  18. Would you mind explaining exactly how you shortened your stock? I've thought about doing the same thing to my Nova Tactical, but have hesitated without knowing more about how to do it.
  19. HerbG

    Gun Safe

    Local television media reported that Birmingham (AL) police has surprised several "suspects" in the process of opening a stolen gun sale. The shots of the Winchester safe showed that the door had been pried off, and it looked as if they had also attacked the back panel. In any case, they were in the process of removing the guns and cash. This shows the importance of really securing the safe so that it can't be taken away. A good set of appliance hand trucks will move most safes unless they are bolted bolted through the floor and/or wall.
  20. You might want to check out: http://www.americhoke.com/ They offer installation of removable chokes tubes.
  21. HerbG


    From the Firearms Buzz website: "Verona Shotguns is a web mystery – now solved! First, there is no Verona web site. The guns are manufactured for BC Outdoors, which is a subsidiary of the Eldridge Cartridge Corporation (which also doesn’t have a web site!) The “Verona Shotgun” is simply a brand name for a line of shotguns distributed by BC Outdoors! To get to Verona Shotgun information, you actually have to go to the PMC Ammunition web site."
  22. I agree with DV - a 10% reduction seems about right. The recoil reducer assembly adds about one-pound to the weight of the gun, and I suspect you can add a one-pound weight to the cavity in the stock and accomplish the same thing. If I had to make the decision again, I'd spend the money on a better recoil pad - like the Limb Saver - and forget the recoil reducer.
  23. I have the recoil reducer installed in my Nova Tactical, and I have not found it to be very effective in reducing felt recoil. If you are expecting a significant reduction, you are going to be disappointed. My opinion is that it isn't worth the money! This question has been asked a number of times on this forum, and some have had different experiences than I have. Some report the recoil reduction seems more significant when shooting heavier loads, but I shoot only reduced recoil law enforcement type loads so I can't comment on that.
  24. The Nova Tactical comes with a plug ("limiter") installed, and the instruction manual explains how to remove it. Basically, just unscrew the magazine cap and remove the barrel. Use a pair of snap ring pliers to remove the retaining ring that holds the magazine spring in place. The spring is under pressure, so be careful when you remove the retaining ring. Slide out the spring and remove the plug. Reassemble.
  25. HerbG


    There are a couple of Super Novas listed on Gunsamerica.com as of 27 March.
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