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M3 Super 90


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I'll be looking to buy a new shotgun soon, and so far, the M3 Super 90 seems like my kind of shotgun. However, I have many questions, and answers to any would be highly appreciated.


I cannot find the M3 anywhere, how can I get my hands on one?


Does it have Crio/ComforTech systems?


Is it an easy to maintain shotgun, or does it require allot of work?


Can it fire all types of rounds, from bird shot and buck shot to slugs without complication?


Thank you all for your answers, I appreciate them.

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Alright well I'm going into a dealer for benelli later today to order an M3. Can anyone please answer my sub questions, like are the Crio and Comfortech systems at least avaliable for the M3?


Also, does the M3 have a solid stock AND pistol grip accessory avaliable?


Is its performance high?


Please... I need answers to these questions before I leave today. If anyone has information or experience with the weapon, feel free to pitch in.

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I do not believe that the M3 has any of the features you want. The real advantage of the M 3 is that it can "manually" cycle lower power shells that a "auto" will not. This is important for Law enforcement/military ammunition (i.e. bean bags, gas,rubber projectials etc.). Best, Robert

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