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  1. www.cdnn.com has us made pistol grip stocks for $39.99. Good value! Counts as 1 us part. Best, Robert
  2. Use the Benelli chokes that are STEEL rated. You can find them listed in your manual. Best, Robert
  3. Robert II

    SBE Barrels

    24" is as short as it gets and they are rare. Have to cut down a barrrel to get the 18". I am looking for a surplus barrel. Best, Robert
  4. Thanks for the site! BUT, To many to chose from. Need it for upland and lowland birds. Beeper on top for better hearing/ will use shock only because my whisle/voice does not always work. First lab I have needed it for, all the others were positive reinforcement. Understand he is a male. Price range $100-150.00. Open to suggestions on where to purchase and options. Best Robert
  5. Any sugestions on eletronic/electric collars? I have a male Lab, who needs to be reminded that he has to pay attention. Never had the need with my other females. Best, Robert
  6. I like Walters "Gun Dog" and "Water Dog". The most important thing is to always be consistant! Best, Robert
  7. The Sims "Limbsaver" fits both the SBE and 20 ga. Montrefeltro. Same fit. Best, Robert
  8. Robert II

    Legacy parts

    "sims" Limbsaver on my SBE I and 20 ga. Montrafeltro. Best, Robert
  9. Robert II


    I think the steel chokes that come with the Benelli should work well. Best, Robert
  10. I felt that after reading the posts, that it was more personal preference than any real advantage, other than a longer sighting plain (28")and swing/follow through. I have both for my SBE and much prefer the 26" for upland/ducks and the 28" for high flying birds. Best, Robert
  11. Go with some 2 3/4" target loads. The 3'' do kick alittle. Best, Robert
  12. 3.5"barrel is rated at 15,000psi while the 2.75-3" are 12.000psi. Best, Robert
  13. I have always backed Benelli . I agree with the other members, Benelli needs to do the right thing and make good on their product. Best, Robert
  14. I mentioned this just a few weeks ago. It is not Benelli, but I like it. Try www.CDNNInvestments.com/ then do a "search" for "benelli". Lots of stuff!!! Best, Robert ;)Now on sale $39.00 [ 06-25-2005, 11:59 PM: Message edited by: Robert II ]
  15. [ 06-25-2005, 11:50 PM: Message edited by: Robert II ]
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