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AMMO sale .12 ga. target, slug and buck

alpha 33

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#1, Winchester target loads, 7 1/2 shot, eight 25 rd boxes total,  Four boxes =100 rounds $75. That's $18.75 per box.

#2, Remington game loads, #6 shot, five 25 rd boxes $93. Again, $18.75 per box.

#3, Remington #4 shot, two 25 round boxes for $25 bucks per box.,

#4, Remington rifled  slugs, 5 rds per box. Five boxes available, $5 bucks per box.,

#5, Remington 00buck, 5 rds. per box.  Three boxes available, $5 bucks per box.,

#6, Estate 00buck, one 25 rd box available, $20 bucks.

#7, Winchester Olin 00buck, 5 rds. per box, nineteen boxes available. $5 bucks per box.

 PLEASE READ BEFORE or IF you commit to buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This stuff has to go UPS ground, per the Feds.

 UPS ground postage is EXTRA., and relatively expensive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope I have this stuff priced low enough  that even with the postage it's a good deal. Plus there are no  gunbroker fees or state taxes.

$25 flat rate for 4 twenty-five rd. boxes.  If it's more I'll eat it.

$20 flat rate for 10 five rd. boxes. If it's more I'll eat it.

$15 flat rate for 5 five rd boxes. If it's more I'll eat it.

So if your not  completely confused now, stay tuned. Alpha33 out..............................................................









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