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  1. 03svt

    hello-quick intro

    Welcome 👍🏻
  2. 03svt

    Which Limbsaver

    Yes I have the same OEM field stock and it fits perfect. Only trick is getting the screws out of your old buttpad to re use in the new one; you just have to use a block of wood or plastic etc. something to push on them while you back them out. Or they will just free spin. https://www.nokick.com/Precision_Fit_Pad_Benelli_M1_Tactical_p/ls-10403.htm edit, found the thread
  3. I found this thread helpful I have four different charging handles now I think. I switch em up
  4. It's titanium nitride and they're coated with it for a reason.
  5. 03svt

    oem m4 slings

    Interesting. I’m all about OEM equipment but really looking forward to my vickers combat QD set up instead. Just waiting on the buttstock to come back from stippling
  6. 03svt


    Ha. Did you send them your receiver or are you local there ? You’re a brave man.
  7. I think it was just the lighting in his photo. They’re a flat grey, not silver (except for the OP who I think coated his), and once you hit it with a little oil it darkens up a bit.
  8. Thanks for the posts, good to know. I have that set up too and am also looking to buy the Nordic +1, and was wondering the same.
  9. Is it just an ordinary shotgun, is that really why you bought it? Do you plan on traipsing through the woods with bird shot and field loads. It's pretty damn accurate, comes set up out of the box with ghost ring sights meant for slugs hell even most members here are running optics. The Briley has zero creep and a very light pull, it can only enhance this platform so don't kid yourself until you actually try one. Do some research and put 2 and 2 together. Besides the fact I have tuned triggers in all of my rifles and just have gotten used to appreciating a lighter, more precision feel.
  10. That blue is pretty cool.
  11. https://www.brownells.com/aspx/search/productdetail.aspx?sid=3096&pid=792
  12. 03svt

    My M4 Build

    Congrats, sweet build. Just curious about your trigger; did Briley comment regarding compatibility of your FFT/ Wolff spring kit with their match parts ? Wondering how if your springs changed the performance of their tune at all.
  13. Gee thanks ! Now I'm waiting on my new IWC mount and Vickers sling to arrive also.
  14. Nothing like the Briley trigger
  15. Wow, awesome job. That thing looks perfect 👍🏻 I didn’t know Tango can stipple the pistol grip on the field stock, too. Now mine’s coming back off, and headed out to them. Thanks.
  16. 03svt

    Panzer M4 Shotgun

    Knock off ! A poor man’s M4
  17. Let’s see a photo of that beast
  18. “It won’t be anything fancy” famous last words lol. Good luck with that. My build didn’t stop until I had spent as much in mods as on the gun itself. No “short list” for most Benellis on here; happy modding !
  19. Ha I wish I could say Texas. That is Long Island, NY. One of the only reasons I enjoy being here is the ocean.
  20. Nice truck, I’ve got a 2019 myself. It’s my daily and a lease so I don’t plan on doing much, but definitely a tune in the near future. Since we’re posting up blue trucks I’ll throw mine up too, it’s a 2013 Raptor I’ve owned since new. Speaking of front end work, I just upper control arms, lower ball joints, and brand new 2.5” foxes and brakes all around. I have a brand new set of method wheels and 35” BFG KO2’s waiting to go on. I’m done spending on truck stuff for a while
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