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  1. Haha I have a story of my own. After paying over $1K and waiting for about a year between manufacturing and bedding for a McMillan fiberglass woodland camo stock, for my M1A and then to see the woman in the gun shop drop it off the rack and to watch it hit and roll across the concrete floor right in front of me while I was there to finally pick it up lol. I’d rather have taken a hard kick to the nuts. Or even two. But I kept my composure and showed her mercy. Never fired and only dropped once, as they say, I joke with them every time I go back in there. Luckily it was just the stock that fell
  2. 03svt

    M4 Picture Thread

    I’m divorced so she can’t complain
  3. 03svt

    M4 Picture Thread

    Love the smell of new rubber
  4. 03svt

    Carbon fiber M4

    Has anyone seen this video ? I’m not a big CF fan but I was wondering if this was a factory edition or custom job. More importantly what compensator that is and what he claims to be a “mercury mechanism” in the buttstock.
  5. Nice ! Glad you’re shooting yours, all I ever do is keep modding mine but need to take it out more.
  6. I never got that card with my trigger. That thread was a couple years ago maybe they’ve ironed it out since or it’s a non issue.
  7. Perfect ! Ordered. Thanks bud
  8. I am looking for a good scabbard but it’s not fitting with the 3/4” FFT charging handle. Do you take your handle off when stowing ?
  9. Just got mine back from them not long ago. I sent them an A&S frame and some other parts and they put it all together; their break is ridiculously crisp and I couldn’t be happier for how light it feels. I kept the SLOP too. Some don’t like the TiN look but I don’t mind it, and this thread convinced me.
  10. That’s great. Thank you 👍🏻
  11. Bump. Anyone have a round about idea on the size of the Phillips head screws inside the factory butt pad on an OEM M4 field stock ? Before I just plunge away into the rubber and risk stripping the screws. Not a huge deal, but I’d figured to ask anyhow. Thanks fellas.
  12. I’ve never had to wait for a firearm but when I went in to pick up my M4 and that was even early last year, I got hung up for a few days too.
  13. Just ordered the plugs from Brownells thanks for bumping this thread
  14. 03svt

    M4 Picture Thread

    Just finished mine up for now. Got the trigger and new frame back from Briley and screwed a butt stock on. I have an OEM muzzle brake and a couple other parts on the side. Love this thing, just have to shoot it now
  15. They’re the next move for me, with mine. Did you opt for the long LOP, or keep it factory?
  16. Nice job. What trigger you got there?
  17. Walked into my local shop over 10 years ago to pick up my M1A, and I’ll never forget the desert camo M4 I saw on the shelf. Big bucks ! Timing wasn’t right for the purchase back then, but I instantly fell in love with it and told myself that I would definitely have one, one day. After all that time, I never forgot about my favorite shotgun and finally was able to pull the trigger on one, earlier this year. Now, thanks to this great forum, I’m doing more modding on this thing than shooting ! An expensive addiction, but only the best for us.
  18. Love this thread glad I just read the whole thing before I did this mod so I’m a newb but got my CC tube and all my tools ready to go hope mine’s as easy as @RPC
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