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SBE I POA - Shooting Left


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I've owned a SBE I for ~3 1/2 years and for the most part it has always seemed to pattern well, however, this spring I began to closely analyze my patterns and there is definitely a trend showing with higher densities of shot on the left side of the targets. It appears that if my POA was moved right about 3-4", I would have a much higher density of shots in the 5" ring and in the 10" ring.


I have shot a couple different shell types through it with similar results. I typically shoot (pattern) it with a hot load 3 1/2" Heavy Shot shell made by Nitro Company, however I've also recently tried the new Winchester 3 1/2" High Density shells with the same results.


Can I adjust the POA to the right? Is there a problem with the barrel? Any ideas? Suggestions?

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If your problem is only with the high density shells and the regular shell shoot find there probably is no problem with you gun. just sometimes the way you shoot your gun with high density it sometimes will shoot differently.

If you are target shooting for turkeys and you want to be exact of course, try the bolt on truglow fiber optic rifle sites. i had to do that and they work very well. for only about $40.



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