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SBE II Miss feed, stove pipe


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Ive had my SBE II for about 2 months now, have shot about 150 rounds through it, and cleaned/lubed it. I have continually had an issue that is driving me crazy.


Scenerio- Gun fully loaded (1 in chamber 2 in magazine), Birds come in, Fire single shot, then click.... Look down, LIVE shell is stovepiped out of the reciever, 3rd round is in feed tray.


So I assume it fires the shell, then ejects the spent case, but how does it eject the next round without being fired?


I have also had it happen similarly, just that the bolt is locked open, 1 shell laying in feed tray, and none in magazine after 1 shot was fired with a fully loaded gun. Its about 50/50 between the 2 occurances.


Any help would be greatly appreciated, my averages thios year have suffered badly due to this. :D

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