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Sport II vs SBE


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I am looking to purchase a new shotgun to be used primarily as a pheasant, grouse, and clay target gun.


I have looked at both the Sport II and the SBE.


Benelli markets the Sport II as primarly a clay target gun.


However, the posts regarding the SBE jamming on light loads scares the heck out of me.


Any experiences or suggestions to help me make an informed decision?

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I have both guns. My SBE shoots anything I put thru it,but it has thousands of rounds thru it. I have a Sport II & have used it for dove & teal hunting . I have shot about 3000+ rounds thru it at sporting clays & it is a great gun. Personally if I wasn't going to shoot 3 1/2 in shells I would buy the Sport. If I were you I would get the one that feels the best to you. Benelli may market it as a clay gun ,but I really love it as a bird gun too.

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