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    Terror Chokes

    Lake,probably not gonna happen with one choke. One thing that I do know is from my pattern work with some chokes is I can get a tighter pattern by going to Hevishot. An example is Sun I was shooting some pattern & a Briley LM was giving me a good close range pattern with steel & TM. When I shot some HS through it , the pattern was to dense for close range work, so in effect I could stick a TM or steel in for the first shot & the 2nd & 3rd would have been good for another 10 yards or so with Hevishot.

    Terror Chokes

    The 700 is a good short range ,up to 40 yrds or so choke. The 675 is a Great all around choke for non toxic loads. The 655 is good if you shoot long or I have been very impressed with the way mine handles HS on turkeys & those snow geese that want to hang on the edge of range. The terror chokes work good with lead too ,but seem to pattern lead more open than you would expect. I don't know what kind of shot you are talking about, but the 700 was deadly for me with HS out to 40 or so yrds. Steel gave some good patterns too. If you tend to shoot past 40 yrds ,I would go with the .675.
  3. The 700 is better for 40 yrds or less. The 675 will pattern tight at 40 yrds or less. The terror really don't use the same constriction guide as factory chokes. I use a 675 & 655 on my SBE1 & both are too tight for over decoy shooting ,especially with HS.
  4. Check out the Terror chokes. surecycle.com


    Webfoot , I shoot nothing but 2 3/4 in shells in HS for ducks. When the geese are decoying 23/4 in 4's all day long.
  6. BLM, is there any difference between the Cordoba & SS other than the finish. I have heard it is the same as the SS xcept flat finish. I know you didn't buy it to swap around , but if they are the same you could try swapping the bolt out & see if the Cordoba will function with light loads.

    26''or 28'' Barell

    I am using a 30" Sport II for clays & a 30" Super Sport for all my hunting. I like the longer barrel for a smoother swing. My SBE is a 28" in gun & if they made a 30 in barrel for it I would have one. I feel the Benellis are a lighter gun so the longer barrel helps the swing. The main thing is though , get the gun that feels the best to you.
  8. Wow, even for the nasty salt marsh hunts? Allready been in the salt. It has seen its first rust spots. It is a gun to be used & I will do my best to keep it nice ,but it is a tool.
  9. Bought one 2 weeks ago. Have shot ducks,doves & SC with the gun. I like it so much I have retired the SBE.
  10. HeviShot is harder than steel. Tungsten Matrix is like lead. With TM use the chokes just like you would with lead. With HS I wouldn't go any tighter than Mod. If you are shooting over decoys or close shooting with HS , you may want to go with skeet or IC. HS tends to pattern tight.
  11. DUKFVR

    Sport II

    I have had a Sport II for a little over a year now & love the gun. I have shot over 4000 or so rounds thru it. It is my main clays gun & I do some dove & duck hunting with it. I would recommend the 30 in. barrel if you are a bigger person. The gun is light & the 30" seems to smooth the swing out for me. I am 5' 8" & 160 lbs. The operation has been flawless on this gun. I can shoot 7/8 oz to 3 in shells & no problems. Let me know if I can help you out any more.
  12. No they don't fit the nova.
  13. The chokes for the Sport II are 3 1/2 inches long. Basically a Beretta Optima choke ,just not overbored.
  14. If the Super Sport is the same as the SportII the bore is .724.
  15. Groundhog, You can more than likely use the set-up you are referring too. I am using a Terror choke by Sure Cycle that is .655 with HS & It will pattern a load tight enough to kill turkeys over 40 yrds.
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