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  1. Another variable between the 3" and 3.5's shells is the pattern results. From a SBE II and BPS I have always gotten better pattern with the 3" shells. This is with factory, BrileyX2 (LM, MOD), and Terror.675 choke tubes. From pattern board results, I do not use 3.5" shells anymore.
  2. I sold the SBE II I owned. I tried the factory, Briley and Terror chokes tubes, but the patterns I was getting with large shot were still very poor. I never did really like that shotgun. I purchased a Xtema 2 w/out kick off. Recoil is nill. The recoil spring is easy to clean, and the pistol only takes a few minutes. I have hunted with mine here this season, and on a 2 week hunt to North Dakota. It has been flawless and eats everything from light target loads to heavy goose loads. Patterns are excellent with factory chokes. IMHO-The Xtrema 2 is a great shotgun.
  3. I saw the same thing happen on a Gold this weekend. The quality which marked the A-5 and Superposed are long gone. Now we get offered overpriced alloy cookie cutter shotguns from gun companies. Isnt advancement great.
  4. Choclabman

    M2 or Cordoba?

    When you do buy......... Save a few hundred and buy the M2. You will be happy. I wasted money on the Cordoba and posted about it here. The ports may look "cool" but they do not reduce recoil, they simply make the thing Louder. Extended chokes tubes are not a big deal. You can buy factory or aftermarket for any shotgun made today. Mine had trouble cycling even 2 3/4 1 1/8 loads. Overall after buying ,and using the Cordoba I consider the press surrounding it to be pure hype and the shotgun overpriced BS. IMO- The M2 does everything better You asked about the SBE II. Mine is flawle
  5. The tried and proven goose calls have already been used this year. I do have a new RNT Daisy Cutter and a Feathered Frequency that are just waiting for opening day.
  6. With steel shot, I hope your not serious.
  7. I have the same shotgun's, with the same barrel length as you. I used my SBE II's all last season on hunts here, to Alberta and two OOS hunts. This year to Alberta, and early goose season. I have tested"several chokes and loads at the pattern board. Heres what I have found. 1. The factory chokes are not worth a crap. If it wasnt for resale value, I would throw them in the garbage. 2 Kent shotshells are cheap junk. I have not seen them pattern anything worthwhile. That is from from a SBE II, a M1, and BGH. 3. With steel. The Best patterns have came from Federal Ulta Shok in 3.5 and 3" l
  8. If your looking for online advice you might want to also check out sites such as Flocknockers , duckhunter.net and Waterfowler.com. All three have Pro trainer's and vets as well as active FT/HT runners as active members. I have trained well over 30 Labs over the years for FT, HT in the AKC, and UKC. Nine have been my personal dogs. I'll say this. I use and prefer the Amish method. Every dog does not fit into a certain training regiment. Every dog has their own personality. Take your time with him. The biggest mistakes are rushing and ignorant low life bozo's who try and overcome fear with f
  9. threeshot, It's not just the older ones. I have 2 M-37 Classic's( both made three years ago) that rival, if not surpass my M12.
  10. I had not heard that about the swivels caps. But I have been away from the internet for awhile. Thanks for the link. I used my 2 SBE II's last season, and this spring for Turkey. Swivel caps still look good, and POA on both is Dead On. I have NO complaints.
  11. What;s wrong the the end cap swivel? Hush Swivels work wonderful on mine. I do agree about the chokes. Flush mount chokes, should be outlawed. [ 06-26-2005, 02:17 PM: Message edited by: BLKLABMAN ]
  12. I love semi-auto's and SxS's. They are great for geese, ducks, Quail and Turkeys. But when it comes to defending my family, a Wilson Combat made over 870 sits beside the bed.
  13. I'm sad to hear this. Ithaca is as American as Apple Pie. I own several M-37's The shotguns they have been turning out in the last few years have been on the other side of the world from cheap. Steel part's, handfitted. Thrown together, plastic parts having, cookie cutter shotguns they were not. Finding dealers was a pain however.
  14. Very nice looking.
  15. The Cordoba is billed as a clays/hunting hybrid. It's loud and proud. Hearing protection should be used 100% of time as Scott Vix stated, no matter what you are shooting. More so with the dadjim ported guns. Clays? Yet as a recent once owner, mine would barely handle 1oz loads. Not good with the FITASC 1oz max rule. IMHO- Stick with the M2, and be happy.
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