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  1. "Looks like even Benelli can't get a gas operated shotgun right." Mine has been flawless for years. It was one of the first 100 made and never had a hicup even with reduced recoil loads. I would field strip the gun and make sure everything is being put back together properly. Like mentioned before, make sure the pistons are on securely and also make sure your bolt is moving freely.
  2. Zig

    M2 or Cordoba?

    Well, I ended up buying a 28" Nova for the time being. I'll probably still end up buying a semi-auto Benelli within the next year. Just gotta save up some money.
  3. I just bought a Nova in 28" myself and took it out Wednesday for the first time for some trap. It was a little stiff since I didn't clean and lube it first, but it chambered and ejected fine. I was using Federal 2 3/4 target loads. I would suggest field stripping, cleaning, and lubing and taking it out and actually shooting it. I think you should be fine.
  4. Zig

    M2 or Cordoba?

    Thanks for the good feedback. I looked at the SBE2, but had heard rumors about it not being reliable with 2 3/4 target loads.
  5. Zig

    M2 or Cordoba?

    My next Benelli purchase is going to be a trap gun and possibly a future bird hunting gun. Is it really worth the extra $400-500 for the Cordoba? Does the porting and the external choke really add that much value? I really like the Cordoba and the M2 feels nice as well, but I'd like some input from people who may have had experience with both. Thanks!
  6. Zig

    Please Delete

    What's the price supposed to be on these tubes? Will the finish match that of the M4? Thanks.
  7. Zig

    m4 choke tubes

    How can it be fixed? I'd have to have someone machine the grooves in the stock tube. Do you know someone that does this?
  8. Zig

    m4 choke tubes

    Glad that I got the M1014 when I did. I wouldn't want to have to fiddle with chokes on the M4. The only thing I don't have for it unfortunately, is a collapsable stock.
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