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  1. I've seen one in person that was the same exact color. When I bought my M1014 they had 2 in stock, one was black the other had the blue finish. I thought it looked pretty cool, but I still ended up buying the black one. So, it's not the camera, that really is the color.
  2. To answer your questions....I boudght the gun new several years ago..and I was using factory ammo. I've only had one failure prior to this (using a light bird shot). That failure was at the 200 round mark. Since then It has run perfect. So, I broke it down and cleaned everything...unfortunatly, it will be at least 2 weeks before I can get back out to the range. Hopefully, the problem has been corrected. I'll give an update once I get some range time.
  3. I can't tell you how f'n pissed off I am right now. Beautiful day, zero clouds, 75 degrees, tons of ammo..good to go. I'm ready to put the M1014 through it's paces and I get a fail to eject. It did this for every single round! If my life were dependent on that weapon I'd be dead now. I thought maybe its the low recoil buck I was using (Winchester 8 & 9 pellet). I ran (tried to) a few slugs through it and had the same result. The spent shell would be half out or not at all. I've got to go dig out my manual to see what the solution is. All I know is, I keep my weapons clean and maintained. It was a sad day to see my M1014 lying there while a $250 Mossberg ran flawlessly all afternoon. I just had to vent.
  4. Wow...I'm paying some hefty taxes, since I apparently live in a government owned tenement. Thanks welfare! Couldn't have gotten that new P7M8 with out ya!
  5. Ditto on AR's results I have a M1014 and have had zero problems with low recoil buck......."some" light target loads however have been iffy.
  6. Why anti low-recoil through the ol' M4?
  7. Hey jakjakman, Where did you get the Pic rail set up for you tactical light? Looks sweet!
  8. I'd still go with the M1014 over the 11707 for the barrell alone....Military version...none of the port issues of the 11707. Unless, the colapsable stock is a bigger perk to you.
  9. The C-more is open enough to use iron sights.
  10. What were your thoughts on the C-More? I have one on my Ar-15 and love it. It is for an A2 set up so I can't use it on my M1014. I really like the open low profile design.
  11. $2.75 a few days ago Chicago suburbs.
  12. I have the Tacstar, and yes, it will work. When swapping some of the hardware, removing the Benelli snap ring can be a little frustrating. Mine looks good and functions...no problems.
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