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  1. I agree, the m4 has been flawless for me and it's the first weapon I would grab in a crisis.
  2. A local gunsmith put it together for me. It works out nice. I use the same sling for my m4.
  3. Sorry, I posted this in another thread. My sling attachment is a uncle mike's push button with a yankee hill single point.
  4. Pictures of my m4 with an uncle mike's push button attached to a single point yankee hill sling. On my shotgun is the mesa tactical 6 along with a eotech 511. Not seen is a side armor light rail on the front end with a strategos gladius.
  5. I hope this comes out. Here's a couple of pictures on my m4 that I'm working on.
  6. My votes for the 511 eotech. It's small and light weight.
  7. I bought the 11707 and it came with a two port barrel. I have not had any problems. I also like the fact that I can change the choke.
  8. The owner of Center Mass told me that he is no longer a dealer.
  9. There's a factory extension on Gun Broker.com
  10. I have the blk eagle, monte 20 ga and s90 in 26'. They seem to swing faster and smoother for me. I use all of them for hunting and breaking clays.
  11. A friend just let me borrow the eotech 511 and it looks good. I'm plan on taking it to the range and put it to the test. I'll let you know. Thanks again for all of the input.
  12. Does anyone have any experience (positve or neg) with either one of them on their m4?
  13. I'm sorry, I'm a bit confused. Will the tac star made for the m1 super 90 fit my m4 without any problems?
  14. I know Mesa makes a rail and side saddle combo, but I don't want to mess with the factory stuff. Is the tac star worth getting? If I did get the tac star will the s90 model fit without any problems?
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