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  1. I travel here in Saskatchewan and I have seen more mallards this year than for at least the last 15 years and it looks like it could be a early harvest so the farmers should let us on the fields. I am really looking forward to a get fall.
  2. I shot Browning Cit for over 30 years and found it to be very reliable. Started using the SBE ll last year and it made me forget my Browning real quick. I do not think there is a better shot gun on the market.
  3. I have never used Nolser 123gr and have not really heard of it. The load for the 7 mag that I have seen the most is 162 hornady. I sent you a private email regarding what weapons I load for, as I do not get alot of response on this particular forum.
  4. Sask boy


    Pheasant are a hoot to hunt last fall I obtained my new sbe ll and went out with our 8 month old female black lab. We spent most to the first day tramping around and then around 4:00pm final we were finally able to put up a few birds and were able to knock 3 down. One was not a direct kill and watching my young lab was a excellent as she worked the high grass and retrieved the bird. Watching her was worth the price of the whole trip. I am also looking forward to this fall hunting and will hopefully be heading out of Saskatchewan to Montana to do a little bird hunting. The pheasant pop
  5. My Remington CDL in a 270 cal just came in and I will reloading for it. I have a real good load for the Nolser 130gr. partion. I was wondering if there was anyone loading the 100gr. and what load they were using. I am in the draw for antelope and would like some ideas. Thanks:
  6. I just came on and read this. It looks like it would work for most upland and even the waterfowl. Thanks for the info
  7. I am just about finished bird hunter this year in Saskatchewan we just have late pheasant that starts in about 1 week. I just wanted to let people know that this shot gun did everything I wanted it to and made me forget about the loss of my browning o/u quite quickly. The only problem I had was not being used to the safety but once I got the hang of it the gun preformed excellently. I used it for all the upland birds we have up here and then on late mallards and geese. I used 3 1/2 " on the geese and had real postive results. I used 1 9/16 shot and did not have any problem with pass s
  8. Sask boy

    SBE ll

    I have gone out twice for upland and really like the new shot gun. I had a little trouble getting used to the safety as I have used a o/u for over 20 years. I also been have a little trouble loading the shot gun as it is a bottom feed, it will just take time getting used to it. I will be going out again tomorrow and will be taking along a rifle as well as last saturday we saw 7 coyotes. We only hunted a 10 or 12 mile area so I hope to thin them out little tomorrow. I bought some shells today that I have not used before I bought some challengers 3 1/2" using 1 9/16 oz shot and I also b
  9. Sask boy

    New Benelli

    I picked up new benelli yesterday and Iam going out to do some pattern testing today. I have never used a shotgun with a multiple choke system as the last auto loader I owned was a SKB 900 XL. Can any of you people that have been using the Benelli give me some advise on what chokes to use. I normally hunt Sharp tail and Huns until the 1st of Oct. and then we start shooting pheasant until the northerns come into our area this usually happens around the middle of Oct. We normally field shoot over decoys with a little pass shooting in the afternoon we hunt within a 10 mile area of Last Mou
  10. I hope you went out to purchase that SBE-II. I have done quite abit of research on the this gun and have been advised that it is the one of the best. I have purchased one and it just arrived but have not been able to pick -up from local dealer as Iam still waiting for permit to purchase it as all our guns now have to be register. That is a joke!!!
  11. I am still learning what shot size to use as we up here in Canada we have only started to use steel a few years ago. We normally do not hunt ducks and geese until the northerns come down as our local birds do not decoy real well and have not been eating grain as long as the norhterns. I was told that T could cause problems for the barrel of my shotgun. However this was for my browning that was stolen ( citori). In order to use steel in it I had to have the full choke barrel bored into a modified.
  12. Hey r-teej I sent you a private message check it out and e-mail.
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