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  1. drakekillr

    SBE II

    Sorry, guess I didn't read all of heavy's reply the first go round.
  2. drakekillr

    SBE II

    What I do is use a small loop of string, twist it a couple of times and pull. It comes right out. Keep the string in your breakdown case. A shoe string or small braided cord will work. It won't leave a mark.
  3. check out the terror chokes. I have a .700 and a .675 both of which pattern very well. The .700 works well out to 40 yards with both large steel shot and lead shot. The .675 is better for longer ranges, +40 yards or Turkeys. I shot some doves today with my .700 and it was awesome. Actually knocked the wings off at 20 yards. They both offer a very even and consistant pattern with all shot types due to the long parallel section
  4. The butt pad on my SBE2 is a little loose. I wasn't sure how much play is normal. Should I contact customer support, or just live with it?
  5. Not really, They said I could pay to send it back and they would refund my money. They are not offering a quality replacment at this time. I think I'll just stick with the super sling that I bought for 15 bucks.
  6. The pole is about 3-4 feet long. You could take some 1/2 or 3/4 inch emt conduit, square the end with a hammer and it should work.
  7. FYI, Customer support contacted me today to resolve the issue.
  8. I bought a Benelli Leather sling from their gear page. It it terrible. Not at all as described. Their web page shows a Large Benelli Logo on the upper portion of the sling and they stated that it was made of premium grade double thickness leather. Far from the truth. Single thickness with a cheap leather pad. No Logo on the upper sling. It looks like there should be something there. Only a small Logo on the bottom of the sling. Maybe I got a second? Or maybe the latest shipment from China is a little different from the last one. I sent Benelli USA an email telling of my ordeal. No reply. 50 dollars is a little much for a 50 cent piece of leather, no customer support, or actually delivering what they advertise. I just hope I don't have any problems with the SBE2 that I just bought.
  9. drakekillr


    They are great! I've dropped mine in the drink, picked it up, dumped the water out of the barrell and filled my limit more than once. Also serves double duty breaking Ice on the way to the spot. Never had a problem.
  10. The poa for my sbe2 was a little high. I picked up a Truglo Fat Bead from Macks Praire Wings. It fixed my problem. Check it out
  11. Come to Missouri and bring a rifle. Lots of big whitetails here too.
  12. I've shot 3 cases of shells through mine in the last month since I bought it new. 2 cases of Federal 1 1/8, 7 1/2 and 1 case of Remington 1 1/8, 8 shot and haven't had a single problem.
  13. Go to your nearest gun shop, pick one up and point it. If that doesn't make up your mind, like it did mine, then maybe you should keep looking. I wouldn't trade mine for anything. I'm a leftie and paid 1330 for my max4 28in in left hand and don't regret it at all. I've always owned 22 and 24 inch guns (Granted they were a BPS , that I have owned for 16 years and a Nova that I used last year. Both of which have killed a lot of birds.) and my SBE2 handles much better than the others. Picked up a new Beretta when I was shopping, didn't like it. But that's just me. I've been tearing up the clays and can't wait for season. It just feels right for me.
  14. Thankfully Cabelas is right on the way home from work.
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