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Tactical - should I get M1, M2, or M3?

Super 90

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M4 is not on the list 'cause it's just too much $$$$$


Primarily for home defense, but I want to do some trap/skeet, and maybe some hunting down the road.


I kind of like the fact you can manually eject a round out of the M3 if it doesn't cycle, but how often do you really need to do that if you're not shooting special LE non-lethal loads? Do M1's cycle reliably with a variety of loads, or do you have to use 00 buck?

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I found the M3 to be overly heavy and cumbersome due to the design of the pump/auto switch. It isn't as simple as you would think to operate, you must push a lever to switch between auto and pump.

I haven't looked at the M2 to see what the difference is between it and the M1. The M1 is hard to beat for its simplicity.

I personally went with the M4. Less recoil, but it is heavier than the M1. M4's are hard to find, and definately are expensive.


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