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Benelli M4/1014 wear on charging handle normal?


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Hi All,

Is the wear on the charging handle itself normal? 

This is a KZ handle and have about 500 rounds through it.  Best I can tell there's no extreme chipping or anything on the handle itself, and no contact or marks on the receiver.  And no sorry, I actually never shot this M4 with the OEM handle ?, I left it in my service kit as a Gas Piston tightening/loosening tool ?








IMG_2821 (2).jpg

IMG_2822 (2).jpg

IMG_2825 (2).jpg

IMG_2826 (2).jpg

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If that’s all you’re using it for that’s what it looks like the marks are from. Is it wear or the finish being rubbed off from the way it’s being used.  My pistons are quite tight sometimes depending on the tool I use to tighten them.  It’s not surprising to me.  

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Cool thanks, sounds like normal wear then.  Just to clarify my original post.  I meant that I never used the OEM charging handle for shooting and only for tightening/loosening the pistons.

For the KZ handle I shown with the wear marks; I never used it as a tool for tightening/loosening the pistons.  The wear you see are all from shooting the gun.

Thanks again

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