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  1. Sterling slugs fit 5. Nobel buck fit 4… all the input I have
  2. Ya, ordered awhile ago, just received. Read the mixed reviews lately while waiting and figured it wouldn’t happen to me. What ever least I knew better than to go out and fire it. More likely my unluckyness with the bolt carrier than the design? Although an extra 16th would maybe make it work for all of us
  3. So Just received my charging handle and it’s basically flush with the side of the gun. I can’t even fit a piece of paper under it. Can see wear marks just from racking it a few times so I’m not going to use it. Sadly now that I have tried another one I do like how much nicer it is in comparison to the OEM. Looking for recommendations on how to fix this one or one I should blow another 80 bucks on. (Can see wear marks that rubbed off in the picture, as well as one that wouldn’t after handle was removed)
  4. I wanted a black one anyways… would look nice with my H20, and I don’t mind the fixed stock either….. I can lie to myself and say I got a M4 for 1000 dollars since the stock I swapped out is selling for 700+ (I also won’t pay this stupid price)….. ya never know when you’ll need a second one right?
  5. Holds up fine for me. When doomsday comes around and I really punish it we’ll find out. It’s just easier to clean and an extra layer of moisture protection… even if it’s a moot point and danger said. I don’t know if they necessarily hoodwinked you. NP3 would likely have been reflected in a higher price than 1 or 2 hundred bucks.
  6. Read about a lot of people liking it. FFT just sells it. It’s known as the A&S trigger guard. I’m not that helpful as I don’t have one, but I keep looking at it… hence why I have noticed people’s opinions
  7. We’ll shit I now feel like I need to own 5 M4s
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