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Benelli M4 Trigger Group Install...Help!


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Looking for some pointers here....I just received my trigger group back from Briley (match upgrade with A&S etc).


I can't seem to reinstall the trigger group. Is it possible to reinstall it without removing the barrel and bolt?

The barrel was re-loctited back on before the trigger group arrived when I installed an Agency Arms hadguard. I really don't want to take this all apart again if I don't have to? 


I did notice that the pistol grip isn't lined up perfectly with tbe receiver, it's offset a little. Could that be why I can't get the trigger group in?


Any tips to re-install the trigger group without needing to undo all the loctited parts would be greatly appreciated! !!


Thank you

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I thought you couldn't take the trigger group in and out with the PG stock on? (though I may be thinking of another gun.

Hammer cocked.

Pushing in the shell latch to get it out of the way?


I will say my M4 is the fussiest shotgun I own when it comes to putting the trigger group back in/lining it up.

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I didn't try it with the hammer cocked. My main concern is not having to disassemble everything.


I read some other threads on this issue but they didn't mention whether it could reinstalled with disassembly. 


Also wondering since the PG isn't lined up with the receiver if that might be an issue. That's how it came from Benelli but I'm  tempted to punch the pin out and reallign it and install the trigger group at the same time?

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