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Aimpoint s1 on a m2 comfortech


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Last year I bought a m2 comfortech. Mounted a Aimpoint S1 on it and I just cant get it seated/fastened properly.

I have measured the rib and selected the correct mounting adapter. The underside of the rib on the m2 is rounded, compared to my old shotgun which had a square rib. 

The mount cant grip the rib of the m2 enough to prevent it from moving with the recoil. Wasnt an issue with my old Gun.

Ive spoken to aimpoint but they dont have a solution for this issue. Ive spoken to the retailer where I bought both Gun and sight. The only solution they have is to either drill a hole in the rib and fasten a small screw that stop the sight from moving forward OR to put some glue under the mount to lock it in place. Neither option seems really pleasing to me. 

I tried to fasten a Steel band right in front of the sight and that seems to do the trick (see attached pic). But it feels like a temporary solution. 

Does anyone have any suggestions? Is there any aftermarket alternatives?

Greetings from Sweden


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My 2012 M2 Comfortech is the same way with the rib. It's not perfectly flat underneath. And I always questioned how the S1 would stay put under recoil considering there is no recoil lug. Have you made any progress with this?


I was contemplating buying the S1 but your experience has put me off from it 

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I haven't found a solution for it yet. Thing is that I like the s1, it performs well and helps a ton with my problem with eye domination. But the sight is really sensitive to positioning. Small movements along the rib due to recoil makes the sight picture (placement of the red dot) relative to my eye so that the sightline is off. My buddy has an older beretta 686 where the rib is flat underneath. It stays perfectly in place with no issues.

One solution is to drill a hole in the rib and screw in a tap/stop in front of the sight. But Im a little unsure if it will be enough or it the sight will tilt forward since the mount doesnt fixate properly.

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That's what I'm afraid of because on other rifles/guns they make a big deal about recoil lugs sitting forward in the Picatinny rail, etc... and then with the Micro S1 and Acro S2, they basically grip the vent rib with carbon reinforced plastic panels. I don't see how its going to not slide a bit under recoil unless you deform the carbon plastic into the vent ribs. Even then with 12 gauge recoil it will have a propensity to move/slide.

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