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M1014 HD Loads


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I have a Turknelli that hasn't had a problem with the low recoil 13200 shells, but their ejection is weak. I suggest the standard velocity 12700 ammo. That said, my best patterns have been with a cylinder choke. My Remington 870 and 1100 with 20" barrels with a cylinder choke and the LE 12700 ammo shoot much better patterns than my Turknelli with a cylinder or Imp. cyl. choke. You might want to try Hornady Critical Defense 00 buckshot and compare it to the Federal LE ammo. 

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"Every gun is a law unto itself."   A good guess is the most you can hope. Better buy a couple boxes, test and find out.

Some time back I bought a case of Federal LE reduced recoil slugs, turned out the gun I wanted to use them in shot them great, just about 8" too low to be useful. Ended up selling the remaining 98% of them.  

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