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Benelli M3 "LE" single sling mount - help?


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I am trying to find a single-point sling mount for my Benelli M3 LE with a collapsible stock.  The "LE" version is a unique animal, the tube shape differs from the standard M3 and the M4.  It's wider in diameter and has a beveled edge. I've included a photo (which shows how the standard GG&G sling mount does not fit over the tube (not their fault)

I'd be grateful if anyone has ideas about an existing solution - my only other option is to swap out an M4 collapsible stock ($$) or mill a custom piece ($ and PITA). image.thumb.jpeg.567a95d552ecaa76121e843d52921ac1.jpeg


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Alex, thank you for the idea. I did look at that, but I would have to mail out the opening large enough to fit over the nut as well, and then drill two small holes for the stabilizing pins coming off the stock that prevent the stock from rotating from side to side so it's a pretty heavy lift.

I came up with a new term solution, found a pretty beefy sling mount, and installed it on the Picatinny rail as far back as it would go towards the stock. This setup would not survive a "battle scenario", but for range shooting, it will do. Eventually, I will have to find a more robust solution that impacts itself into metal as opposed to an add-on.

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I would checkout installing a qd on the M3 pistol grip the Italian M3a1 has one there, and I’ve seen several M4s with this as well.

Any chance you have the part numbers for that stock tube set up? I’ve been looking for those parts for over a year and no one seems to know about that.


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