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Benelli R1 Comfortech in WSMs?


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I was looking in gander mountain for a new rifle when I saw the r1. I fell in love with it. Its very comfortable fit for me. I was going to get it in .270 or .300 wsm but then the comfortech came out. It doesnt have the wsm's like when the r1 first came out. Thats where my question comes in. Does anyone know if or when the wsm's will come oit in the comfortech model? I was just thinkin maybe someone knew or was related to someone in benelli and could tell me. Also does anyone own an R1 in .270 WSM because I would like to know what it shoots like in the recoil department. You know like how benelli says their 300wm feels like a light .270 or something. Anyways if you could answer either of these questions that would be great and if you dou thanks for the input. smile.gif

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The ComforTech stock works great. If you WANT a .300 WSM, why not just purchase the .300 Win Mag??? For all intents & purposes, it's almost same cartridge as to factory load performance. In many ways it's better. More factory loads available, more case volume, infinitely more places sell it including in "out of the way" locations, etc, etc. I would WAIT until you found one with a ComforTech stock and not "settle" for a .270 ... "IF" you have need of the larger bullet. The .270 is a spectacular cartridge, but it can't do all that the .300 can.

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