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Cordoba for Christmas?


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I'm looking to get a new shotgun for Christmas, mostly for shooting skeet/doves/ducks. I also turkey hunt occasionally. I shot a SuperSport (carbon fiber cordoba) this summer, and really liked it. I also shot an M2 and really liked it. The Cordoba is steady and smooth, and the M2 is light & quick. I can't find much info from Cordoba owners. I just want to know if it's worth the $1400 price tag and if the porting is too loud and annoying. Also, can the synthetic stock take a beating ie. beat briars, etc...?

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First, just to clarify, the Super Sport's stock is synthetic with a finish that looks like carbon fiber.


The Cordoba's porting will not bother the shooter so much as it others in near proximity. In a duck blind, a ported gun can be an invitation to not come back.


You need to define which type of shooting you do the most.

If you mostly shoot skeet and doves, with just one or two waterfowl outings a year, then the Cordoba could be your gun.


If you spend more time in the blinds and in the turkey woods, then you should perhaps consider the M2 or SBEII.

There are plenty of discussions on these boards regarding the differences between those two guns, so I won't go into it again here.


Also, keep in mind that all of these are Inertia driven shotguns, and therefore are not designed to handle light target loads.

The minimum recommended load for them is 3 drams powder behind 1-1/8 oz shot. Many function flawlessly with lighter loads. Some don't.


Happy Chriskwanzukka!

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