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Terror Chokes and a SBEII


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Anybody have any experience with these chokes in a SBEII? I know everyone over a refugeforums.com loves them. They're a little pricey though.


I'd like to get a pair of chokes for my gun to pattern and be ready for next season. I'm thinking something along the lines of a "general purpose" choke somewhere between an IC and MOD. I'd also like a super tight choke for far away canadians and also for turkey hunting if I decided to try that.


Would I be better off getting a super tight Terror .655 and something like a Briley or Trulock LM, or a Terror .675 and a super tight cheaper choke? All things considered I'd probably be shooting the more open choke a lot more.


Or should I just stick with the factory chokes that have served me well so far this year?

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I shot the .675 in flooded timber and open fields all year. I had very little luck at getting birds to shoot at but what shooting I did I was pleased. I have all three of the terrors. The .655 is a really tight choke I think the turkeys will be in trouble, like the ads say it shoots like a rifle. I'm a little worried about being too tight if I let him get too close. If you get just one the .675 is the one. I don't see much use for the .700. The best thing would be get the .675 and the .655.

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Well if you read over on the fuge you should know who I am and my patterning page. If you will look it over I think you will answer most of your own questions.


Here is what I would do.


A LM as you all around choke. When the ducks aren't decoying, a .675 terror, and if you goose hunt a lot, a 10 ga. with a .705 terror.

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