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Rob Haught’s “Push-Pull Shotgun Technique”


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I’m not really a James Reeves fan. He’s likely a decent fella but there’s something about his personality and excessive use of foul language that I don’t care for. I have no idea why I watched the attached TFB TV YouTube video but I was pleasantly surprised that it featured Rob Haught and his “Push-Pull Shotgun Technique”. I had heard of this shooting technique before but never saw an example or explanation of it. After watching this video I went through a sleeve of slugs in my M4 and, although it took a while to get used to the technique, once it “clicked” I’ll be darned if it didn't make my follow-up shot’s and transitions noticeable faster. I’m not recoil sensitive but it did help lessen recoil significantly as well.



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Yep, it works. I used it in a class today (M4). 

When it got weird was when we shot weak side.  Somehow, switching hands screwed me up a bit, and I had a momentary pause upon switching sides when I had to think which hand had to do what.  But that's a training/practice issue, since that's nothing I (or anyone else) likes to practice.

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