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M1 Barrel question


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I recently received a 26" barrel for a benelli shotgun being told it was for the M1 super 90. I attempted to fit it onto my M1 super 90 and while the end that went into the receiver fit the gun the ring that is fastened onto the magazine tube was longer than the magizine tube it self. I was wondering if there is a part missing to make this barrel usable with my M1 or is this potentially a barrel for a different make of Benelli shotgun?


Also if this is in fact is for another type of Benelli shotgun is there a way I can verify which one?


There are numbers on it (serial #?), would it be possible to use these to find out what it is from.


Any help people can give me would be appreciated.

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If what youre meaning is the ring that attatches to the mag tube is longer than your original piece, dont be alarmed. The foot of the barrel hanger was lengthened to provide extra support and soldering area to enhance the strength of it. With a slight modification of your forend you can make it fit. This was just a running change and the newer forends on the more modern guns are made to accomodate for it. Let me know if you need advise on the mod. If you cant just send it to Benelli and they will make the mod free of charge like they did for a friend of mine.

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Well actually there is like an 1-2 inch gap from where the mag tube ends and the barrel hanger begins. So maybee it would still require modification to fit, but bridging a 2 inch gap in my opinion is not that slight. This is why I am led to beleive that it may be for a different style of shotgun. Also I beleive this barrel to be at least 2-3 years old. Also my m1 is one of the older ones I beleive since it has stamped HK rather than Benelli on the receiver. Though it says Benelli on the bolt.


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