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Benelli Supernova Tactical LE telescopic stock OR pistol grip stock swap to comfortech. What parts are needed?


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Hi all, I recently bought a supernova tactical 14.5" with telescopic stock and because I installed a RDS onto the rail, I am looking to swap over to a comfortech stock with raised combs for better head position. 

I received the stock today but realize it does not come with the hardware necessary to install it. Has anyone here with the supernova tactical with pistol grip or telescopic stock swapped over to the comfortech? is the bolt used on the pistol grip the same as the one used for the comfortech? If so does anyone know the part number for said bolt? the parts list does not even show the bolt for the tactical model. In this youtube video, it clearly shows the mentioned bolt with a washer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtoIlNy-KXA&ab_channel=barakuna when the guy removed his pistol grip to install the telescopic. 

Looking at the supernova schematic, it seems like the non-tactical versions use a stock retaining screw that screws into the recoil spring tube which also sticks through a fixing plate that and secured with a retaining nut and washer while the supernova tactical has a stock retaining bolt and washer that inserts from the back of the stock through a plate and screws into the stock tube. nova-supernova_Page_30.thumb.jpg.80d131cb213393cfb8dd9334b35d4680.jpg


For the comfortech tactical model, are there any plates and shims used as a factory setting? 

A huge favor to ask of any supernova tactical owners with comfortech stock, are you able to disassemble the stock part and take pictures of all the mounting hardware (shims, bolts, plates, etc) or better yet, record a video of the disassembly?

I'm assuming I'll at the very least need the stock supernova shim kit (PN 61194) for the locking plate at the very least, then try to obtain the stock retaining bolt with elastic washer that threads into the stock tube. Any information and/or pictures/videos would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Just an update, the canadian distro gave me a parts list but i believe they based it on the official benelli schematic that i posted above. they sold me the stock retaining screw (drawing 3 part 4) that threads into the recoil tube after removing the ring clip and screw cap (drawing 5 part 22) that comes factory on the tactical models as well as a second shim (drawing 3 part 6)

I can confirm that these parts will not work as the the notched tactical stock tube is quite a bit shorter than the cylindrical recoil spring tube off the non-tactical models). This makes the length of the stock retaining screw too short to pass through the drop plate at the other end of the stock to allow the nut and washer (drawing 1 parts 1 and 2) to thread onto the screw to secure the stock


The ring nut (drawing 3 part 23) also makes the second shim redundant as the hole in the second shim does not fit over the nut



I'm going to assume I will need that mystery bolt that is not listed on the parts list/schematic that threads into the original cap screw that's installed into the recoil tube) 

Just sharing this info and pics here for those who are looking to do the same thing to save you from spending money on incompatible parts.

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