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Any Supernova Tactical Comfortstock owners on here? HUGE favor!


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Hi, I currently own a SNT Telescopic stock version and in the process of converting to comfortech stock in order to take advantage of a higher comb. However, my Canadian distro listed a bunch of parts for me according to the Benelli schematic which was incorrect when it came to installing the comfortech stock onto the tactical model due to the differing lengths of the 5 position stock tube vs the non-tactical recoil spring tube.

Unfortunately I've only found pictures and videos of the steadygrip stock and telescopic stock assembly/disassembly on the tactical models and not the comfortech. 

I understand that the steadygrip stock has a bolt that threads into a cap screw that loosely threads into the stock tube and retained with a small ring clip. 

My question is: is the comfortech stock installed the same way? (bolt inserted through the back of the stock threading into the recoil tube? 

I was sold the stock retaining screw which is a double ended screw where I remove the ring clip and cap screw that is in my stock tube and thread the retaining screw in, the comfortech stock would then slide onto the tube where the double ended screw would pass through a drop plate inside the stock and secured with a washer + nut. I understand that this would be how the comfortech stock would be installed on a non-tactical model.

However i'm scratching my head wondering how the comfortech stock is installed from the factory on the tactical models. If any one could post a short series of pictures of the stock disassembled with all the hardware + shims I would be forever in your debt. 

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