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Nova Pump Makes Too Much Noise

Oregon Elk Hunter

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Greetings: I have a Nova Pump with rifled barrel that I want to use for (yes, you guessed it) Elk Hunting (special area - shotguns only.) I have been very pleased with the Nova's preformance at the range using Prem. Partition Gold Sabot slugs.


My concern is with the slide or hand piece. It rattles and makes far too much noice for hunting purposes. I am sure that turkey and whitetail hunters are having the same concern.


Does anyone have a remedy? Do I need to sell my Nova and get something else? I don't want to - but it is a very big problem.


Thanks, in advance, for any help you can give. OEH.

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Well, just to report. I have tried tightening the allen screws as suggested by Benelli support staff. I have also tried the velcro suggested above. It helps alittle, but not really. IMHO - the noise (rattle) is still too much for short range big game hunting. I believe my only option is to sell the Nova and look at the SBE or M2 rifled barrel. Any suggestions welcome. OEH.

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Oregon Elk Hunter....

Im in Maine...but the nova pump makes just as much noise in this state as yours!

The only cure i could find...was carrying the gun with the pump in my hand....you cant scratch your nose tho!(the rattle returns)

Other than that...wow...dont she throw those 3 1/2 Mags some good!!!

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