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Word of caution:


In the last week I have decided to buy 2 benelli shotguns. I bought the SBEII with absolutley no problem at all.. The whole transaction thus far has been outstanding. I purchased the gun from CT and am having it shipped to NC to a FFL locally. This was the first time i had ever done a transaction like that and had to try to line up a local guy to recieve my gun. At the same time, I decided to buy the Cordoba which was also listed in CT. THe store is named Eurochasse. I called the guy that owns the store yesterday and told him i was interested in the gun and that i would get back in touch with him today to see if i could line a local FFL. Today when i called him back, he was a complete jerk. He said that i was wasteing his time. That he never had to deal with a person more than once if they were truely interested in buying a gun and that if he didnt have a customer in the store, he would cuss me out. This totally floored me. Like i said, i have never done a gun order until the last few days and i was not sure what it required, but i didnt mean to lead the guy on. In fact, i had my credit card in my hand when i called today to pay for the gun. So my word of warning is to stay away from www.eurochasse.com. This guy's attitude cost him my money and i hope others as well.


Thanks for a place to vent,



also, is there a way to report this guy to Benelli. I noticed that he is an authorized dealer and i am sure that they dont want to be repressented in this fashion by their dealers.

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Thanks for sharing your expeiences with this company.

From the looks of his website, all of his stuff is overpriced and catered to sell to snobs, so it would be unlikely that I'd buy from him.

I'd have to wonder how much of his high rent overhead I'm subsidizing with a purchase.

I doubt that reporting him to Benelli would do any good, but then again, it couldn't hurt either.

Start with the general contact information from this site. Don't bother with e-mails. You never know if someone sees them.

Make a call.

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hey tucker,


thanks for the reply.. i was really po'd after talking to the guy and this forum seemed like the place to vent. after reading lots of your posts, it seems like you are a guy who shoots straight (no pun intended). Can you recommend a dealer that i should contact about buying a cordoba?





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You've obviously looked at GunsAmerica.com, because Eurojerk was the best listed price there.


I suggest using the Dealer Locator from this site and calling the dealers within 150 miles of your home. It's not as easy as typing in a search, but it can yield results.

It is how I found my LH SBEII last Fall.


Not knowing which part of NC you're in, I know that Davi's Guns in Raleigh has a good reputation.


I've also dealt with a small shop in Henderson, called Gupton's Sporting Goods.


If you're going to order a gun that isn't in stock, make the dealer give you a firm delivery date. Otherwise, it could be next Fall before you get delivery.


Going back to online sources, Cal's Sporting Armory has a good rep., and they list a 30" Cordoba for $1439

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