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scope mounts for a M2 Slug Gun

Ohio Whitetail Hunter

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I think only one standard base will fit the drilled & tapped holes; a Weaver type base - Model 93 (I think). You will need Weaver rings too.


I am sure B-Square or someone like that have saddle mounts.


I debated over two shotgun/muzzy scopes recently. I liked the new Leo VX-I 2-7x33 and the Nikon Prostaff 2-7x32.


I went with the Nikon, just too many positive replies on other forums.


Price was not issue - both were available to me at dead net.


mudhen - CA

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Thanks. After posting this, I went to one of the local gun shops here in Vacaville, and they confirmed what you just posted. The Weaver Model 93 is supposed to fit. I should be getting the gun in about two weeks from Elkhorn Bait & Tackle in Rio Vista and the scope choosing process with begin. I like the Nikon as well. I am going to look at some of the red dot scopes as well.


Kind of off topic...do you hunt with a slug gun and if so may I ask where. I have close to 180 in southeast Ohio.

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I hunt with several slug guns & muzzleloaders.


That M2 should like Winchester Plat Tips & Part Golds.


Iowa, Kentucky, Kansas, North Dakota, more states to follow as I figure out the drawing procedures.


I have to move around a bit as places like Iowa are getting crowded.....


mudhen - CA

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