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SBE II vs. Cordoba vs. M2


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Ok...now I know everyone here is going to say, "just pick the one that feels right to you." and I don't discount this advice, but all three of these guns feel great to me in the store (and the SBEII in the field with a buddy's gun). So as far as I can tell, the only difference in the SBEII and the Cordoba is the vented barrel and no tools chokes of the Cordoba and the ability to shoot 3.5" shells in the SBEII. Are the any other differences I'm missing? These guns seem incredibly similar. I know very little about the M2, what's the big advantage to this gun? Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.

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A large part of your decision should be based on what you intend to do with the gun, both now and in the future.


There have already been posts here concerning the desire to have a slug barrel for the Cordoba (a ridiculous notion - kind of like mud tires for a Ferrari), so don't buy a high-volume dove/trap gun and decide you want to shoot whitetails in the swamps and thickets with it.


As you've noticed, the Cordoba features a ported barrel to reduce muzzle climb and felt recoil. This feature also sends loud blast waves towards the sides of the barrel and will get you thrown out of a duck blind in a big hurry.


The SBEII is the 3.5" gun, and if you want to shoot 3.5" shells, now or later, then the debate is over and your choice has been made.


The SBEII and M2 are virtually identical, with the exception of the max. shell lengths. If you're sure you don't want to shoot 3.5" shells, then the M2 becomes a more economical choice.

One other notable difference is the barrel/receiver design.

Like the Cordoba, the SBEII's barrel extends back to make the top half of the receiver. I can't tell you how much easier cleanup is with this design.


Extra barrels, stocks, and other accessories are more readily available for the SBEII and M2.


As for the extended chokes, yes the Cordoba is the only one of the three which comes with them, but these style chokes are readily available for the SBEII and M2.


Cordoba - Ported barrel, longer forearm, wide rib, high vloume field and trap.


M2 - 3" max., older style receiver and trigger guard, light and fast, accessories and barrels available.


SBEII - 3.5" max., easy to clean with newer style receiver, new style trigger guard better for gloved hands, accessories and barrels available.

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