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Will M4 11707 reliably cycle and shoot low recoil slugs?


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Will M4 11707 reliably cycle and shoot low recoil slugs?

I'm the "lucky" recipient of a large case of Fiocchi Low Recoil Aero Slug 1oz shells as a pre-Christmas gift.  They're 2-3/4", 1oz, 1150FPS, low recoil.  

With the support/permission of the wife to buy a nice shotgun like my BIL's.  Trouble is, his Panzer Gen4 AR-12 won't cycle these slug shells!  Every one jams! 

His Panzer shoots 1150FPS bird/buck shot perfectly fine! The Panzer needs 1300FPS to 1500FPS slugs according to a the "Shotgun Guy" at a local gun shop. It seems the AR gas piston has trouble operating properly with low pressure slugs. 

We switched the Panzer's low velocity and high velocity pistons around for all mixes of shot and slugs. Low velocity slugs all failed, birdshot and buckshot at any velocity worked flawlessly.  Nothing changed. 

Shotgun Guy suggested a higher quality shotgun.   This Benelli M4 11707 uses a different cycling system than the cheap Turkish AR 12 gauge guns. 

Any insight before I spend $2,000 on another shotgun?

Thanks in advance!

Robert ( and Lisa )

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