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Beware! I sent a brand new Super 90 back to Benelli to have the receiver refinished -- it was a display model and I never fired one shot. When they shipped it back to me, they did not secure the bolt into the receiver. The receiver had a bad nick in the bottom and numerous marks. I called the customer service department and offered to file down the nick and refinish the receiver at my expense -- I insisted upon a new receiver since they were responsible. They still refused to accomodate my wishes. As a result, I told them to keep the receiver as a reminder of a very dissatisfied customer. I will never buy another Benelli again!

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No offense, but without more facts, I don't buy your story.


I know we will never know the facts because Benelli will not admit anything one way or another, but it does not sound likely that Benelli damaged your used receiver AFTER refinishing it, and then refused to pay for the repair. They do so much refinish work gratis that I just don't buy your tale.


If you have photos showing the pre-return condition of the receiver and photos showing it post-return, then I will back your story vigorously.


If you have these photos and good records of the work orders, I strongly urge you to file a small claims action against Benelli in Texas. You will likely prevail based on a negligent bailment theory.


Good luck,


mudhen - CA

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