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SBEII choke conversion???


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I have not seen this question posted as yet but if it has been please direct me to the answer. I have recently purchased a SBEII 26" and love it. I have had 0 feeding problems with anything I have put in it. I upgraded to the SBEII from an 870 supermag. In the 870, which I have shot for the last 15 years, I always practiced clays with a modified choke and was quite successful. This weekend while shooting I felt like an idiot, I missed quite a few clays that I would normally not have missed. So many so that my dad commented I may want to switch back to my 870. Now this may be attributed to a number of things, I could have been having a bad day, maybe I just need to learn how the gun swings and comes up, maybe I was rushing my shots because the gun is so fast..... it could have been many many things but my real question is....



If compared to a gun like an 870 (or any gun) is a SBEII modified the same as the 870 modified or is there some conversion for choke size. (I'm talking about pattern size... don't read in that I'm trying use an 870 choke in a SBEII). Is one manu.s modified another manu.s full?



Thanks in advance


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I had a little bit of trouble going from an 870 to SBEII as well.

There were two factors to which attributed the adjustments.


1. The SBEII's rib is higher but I was mounting the gun like the 870. I have since changed the drop so that I see a bit more barrel in the sight picture.


2. The 870 was a RH gun, but my new BSEII is a lefty. I set up the cast on the SBEII for LH, but I've found that I've shot RH guns for so long, that the LH cast feels wrong to me. I've since switched back to the RH setup and things have improved.


As for the chokes, I think mudhen or someone has mentioned on here before that there is a slight difference.

I'm sure soemone else can clarify that for you.


The SBEII is very different from the 870, and if you've used an 870 for as long as I did (25 years), it will take some getting used to.

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