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quick Nova Question


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I have a quick question that I hope someone can help me with. I just bought a new nova 20ga last week for rabbit hunting. I am new to shotguns so I do not know the names of all the parts so I will do my best to explain the problem.


When I load shells into the guns magazine thru the bottom, the metal piece covering this opening gets stuck open and wont return to its normal postion. But after you pump the gun the metal peice returns to its normal position. Is this normal or is something out of adjustment? I have used semi-automatic shotguns before andd that metal peice on the bottom of the gun has alwys returned to its position after loading a shell. Is this normal for this gun or what?


I hope you understand what I am trying to say and someone can tell me if this is normal or how to fix this problem.


Thanks for the help.

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Well Im not sure. I put one shell in the chamber, then I push the rest of the shells into the magazine and that metal peice on the bottom stays open.


And also if someone can tell me how to remove the magazine limiter plug? or at least where there are diresctions on how to.


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That "metal piece" (shell carrier, I believe) is supposed to stay upright until you cycle the action once.


As to removing your limiter, download the manual and follow the disassembly steps in it. You probably need to familiarize yourself with the manual anyway and it will get you close to the point where you can remove the limiter plug. Just have a pair of small needle-nose pliers or ring-pliers on hand to pull the magazine stop cap.

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