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What to do with my Benelli SBE


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I have a super black eagle that shoots very nice, and I like alot. My problem is that I bought the gun used when I was stationed in Italy in the military. I had to buy what I could find and I ended up with a 28 inch barrel, when I wanted a 26 inch. I also got a beautifull walnut stock, and would like synthetic. My question is, should I swap the walnut for synthetic and swap barrels, or just sell the gun I got and get what I want. I already know that I can sell my walnut on ebay and buy synthetic, and about break even, so not out much money there. The problem is the barrel, what to do there? should I try to find someone who wants to swap barrels, or get it gunsmithed, or what? Also if I where to get it smithed is there anything custom that I could get done to it like porting or something that might help the performance? Also if you are wondering why I am wanting a 26 inch so bad, My beretta over and under is a 26, and I am very short so I like the way a 26 swings. Thanks for any help Bill Bell

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here's an option, keep what you have and buy another like you want. Either way you go with the synthetic stock would be ok and if you have the barrell smithed I would strongly urge you not to have it ported. 1 it will increase the sound 2 on those mornings when you are shooting and it's still dim light the flash will blind you 3 a lot of times ported barrell will throw debris back at the shooter and anyone around so wearing eye protection would be a must, as well as hearing because of the increased noise. I will suggest having the force cone lengthened and maybe the point of impact changed (own personal opinion). Backboring would be nice but in doing so you may have to get custom chokes cut. Good luck with you decision.

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