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  1. why don't you try putting a thin rubber washer between the sling swivel and the magazine cap. It seems that the rubber will protect the cap from the metal on metal wear.
  2. Neither, Go with the Franchi 912. Just my 2 cents. Get whatever feels good to you and what won't break the bank. If you can afford the Benelli get it, as it will more than likely perform better and last longer. Don't get me wrong Mossberg makes great guns, I've had an 835 for many years with only one trip to the gunsmith but I have since retired it after I bought the 912.
  3. Before you buy, don't sell yourself short and take a look at the Franchi line. The 912 will shoot 3.5" shells and it's gas operated, I have one and have put close to 3000 rounds through it without a hickup or jam. Those rounds include the heaviest 3.5" and the lightest 2-3/4" cheapo rounds. If you are set on the inertia recoil system Franchi has the new I-12, the only downfall in my opinion is it can only shoot 2-3/4" and 3" shells. Like I said, check them out and it might save you quite a few pennies. I bought my 912 for $750.00, 24" camo pattern. I use it for everything except deer hun
  4. tsg912


    BWNR, Glad to hear you are having sucess with the HV reloads, you are the first I have heard of that has had success finding a load that works well. By the way what kind of wad are you using? Are you using the Remington filler/buffer between the top felt and the crimp, or other type of filler? I'm sure that top felt allows for more shot because it takes up less hull room than the Remington buffer. I wish you lived closer as I wouldn't mind trying some other non-toxic loads, and it sounds like you are the guy to go to in developing more cost effective non-toxic ammo. The_Gun_Guy, I supp
  5. tsg912


    Caution, Hevi-shot can and will damage barrels and or choke tubes. When hevi-shot was first brought onto the market it destroyed several consumer firearms and they quickly pulled it off shelves. A company called Environmental was producing it and when they pulled it and stopped production Remington bought the patten and redesigned the wad to release the load further down range and it is also thicker than normal steel or lead shot wads. The Remington wad is made to protect the barrel from the shot and not the shot from the barrel as in lead. For all of you who have shot hevi-shot, h
  6. here's an option, keep what you have and buy another like you want. Either way you go with the synthetic stock would be ok and if you have the barrell smithed I would strongly urge you not to have it ported. 1 it will increase the sound 2 on those mornings when you are shooting and it's still dim light the flash will blind you 3 a lot of times ported barrell will throw debris back at the shooter and anyone around so wearing eye protection would be a must, as well as hearing because of the increased noise. I will suggest having the force cone lengthened and maybe the point of impact changed (
  7. I should have made my previous post more clear. Once you get to woody's taxidermy click on the link that takes you to the forum and from there you can navigate around the different boards. By the way woody's is a Georgia based forum so there are many native Georgians on board.
  8. I don't know where in North Ga you are located but there are several shops around the Gainesville area you can try. Satterfields is one and Shuler's in another. Also if you are a subscriber to GON there is a list of advertisers and there are a ton of gun shops that are listed in there. If you do not subscribe try their website as they may have a list of advertisers there. You may also want to try www.woodystaxidermy.com There are many knowledgable people there that may be able to point you in the right direction. Good luck with your search.
  9. tsg912

    Benelli Finish

    Turkey, If the gun fits you and you like the way it feels and you have shot one before and it shoots great than buy it. Don't worry about looks cause looks never killed ducks or turkeys or deer. You can always have the gun re-dipped. Besided for each and every scratch and nick your gun gets there should be a story behind it and hopefully it's a hunting story. Think of it as character. I know it's a hard pill to swallow that you are about to fork out nearly 2 grand for a gun that has cosmetic flaws but they all do. Good luck and enjoy.
  10. Pick all shot out of breast, wrap in bacon, and grill. Do as Birddog suggested, don't over cook. I like to marinade mine in italian dressing before wrapping in bacon. I've even sliced the breast and put a clove of garlic or a slice of jalapeno in the breast before wrapping in bacon. Enjoy.
  11. tsg912

    SBE 2 owners

    May i suggest you look at the Franchi 912 Variomax. It is a gas operated semi-auto very capable of shooting the lightest 2-3/4" up to the heaviest 3.5" shells. It comes with stock extenders (shims) which allow for smaller framed shooters like your sons. The recoil isn't bad at all and I sent mine to a reputable gun smith and had the force cone lengthened. That does a couple things, 1 it reduces FELT recoil not actual recoil so it would probably be ok for you to shoot large shells. 2 it allows for the shot to get aligned before being pushed by the choke, therefore better patterns. Good luc
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