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  1. a good mossberg for hunting that is reasonably cheap(400) is the mossberg 935 semi auto shotgun.
  2. it depends if you want to shoot 3 1/2 inch shells i would get the II because the sbe wont shoot supermag shells.
  3. i was wondering if anyone has held or seen the new mossberg 935 semi auto shotgun.
  4. a 32 mm simmons better than a 3-9x50 leopold no way
  5. hey guys i bought a mossberg 935 earlier this year and i am very happy with it and i dont feel the recoil when hunting but when shooting it will knock my shoulder off
  6. i have no idea take one apart and find out
  7. it should tell on the box whether it is 3 or 3.5 and you have to use shells recommended for your gun it will tell on the barrel or side of the reciever.
  8. ive never seen a hen strut and i havent used any of my tags this year i could have shot a hen with a beard this morning but i passed in hopes of finding a big tom.
  9. i wish i got a chance on osama i might cut down on him
  10. i live and hunt in ohio and it has rained every weekend of this season. i am wondering what turkeys do in the rain. do they stay in fields of in the woods.
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