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  1. Mike thanks bud yeah he is a goodun for sure he will rank between 22 and 26 alltime typical Osceola by firearm once officially scored. Mike
  2. Guided a guy this morning and this was the results. After a miss Friday and this being the last day we didn't have time to waste. Not the best pics sorry. 19.6# 11 3/4 beard 1 3/4 spurs
  3. It runs year round on private lands and all I have is piblic lands to hunt on. With work and turkey huntin this spring I didn't get a chance to get out and catch any. I'll try to catch a few this summer if I get a chance next season for my is Gator in a couple months.
  4. Nice Gobbler ISK and about the rabbit I don't condone poaching of any kind so I am staying out of this. Tucker how many birds did you slam this spring? I don't even think we have a rabbit season here in Florida I think we can hammer year round but I do know this time of year they do raise lil ones too.
  5. Hevi 13's in 7s will get the job done for you through a .660 or .670 choke
  6. 3rd and final bird for me and he is on video and the taximan has him
  7. Hunted a total of 3 days and maybe a total of 8 hours and Andy Kaiser and I both limited on birds with 3 each. 1st bird 2nd bird
  8. Thanks Mike give me a few weeks till I get back from my hunt in Indiana which will start the 24th and then Andy Kaiser and I are heading to Nebraska and maybe Kansas. Should be another 5 or 6 down by then. Mike
  9. Here's Rhino's site http://www.rhinochokes.com/ I shoot one in a .660 and get great patterns with the Nitros. Getting 400's is not really realistic unless your shooting handloads with TSS in 8's or 9's. I hear that Pure Gold chokes are pretty dang good but never needed to get a new choke since mine shoots as good as I ever will need. Best of luck getting the desired pattern that you want.
  10. Tucker and Mud congrats to the both of you for knocking down a couple beautys!
  11. one thing is lead never patters as well as hevi shot does. That being said if you don't like the pure gold choke send it back and they will give money back or send you another one. They have great customer service! I'd be willing to bet if you got you a box of that new Magnum blend or the hevi 13 in 6 or 7's you would be really happy with your patterns at 40yds.
  12. Always someone Mud who thinks they know more than what companies spending millions on in delveloping these chokes. You have to wonder if these so called experts knew so much bout what ported or non ported supposedly do they might be working making and developing these chokes instead of posting bout a topic they really do not understand. Does make great reading though while on the throne!
  13. Hevi shot in 7s and TSS in 9s are the newest thing for reloaders. 7 in hevi and in Federal HW are deadly to 50 yards with the right choke. The more dense of the shot the more energy it carries down range.
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