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    married, 2 daughters, M2, Encore Pro Hunter system
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    SE KY
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    all shooting sports,fishing hunting
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    IBEW Union Electrician
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  1. kitten , it wouldn,t be worth a plug nickel. You'll probably have to pay somebody to take it.
  2. Paul"s discount over here has Win hi dens for 12.00 a box. Might try those with a GOBBLE RING and see what she does. Wife's raising ---- right row because I done some painting on it.
  3. Tryed patterning Pure Gold in M2 today. Typical Benelli fashion highand left 8". Used kentucky windage for 3 shells best I could get was 226 shot in 15"circle at 30 yds using Win Super-X #6 3" and this is no April's Fool tale.
  4. thanx dookey Appreciate the info. Sorry for being a bonehead.
  5. thanx for clearing that up for me. Its weird that you can buy a short barrel for a shotgun, but if you try to buy an AR shotr barrel they want to see paperwork.
  6. Then the question I have is, why can I buy 14" shotgun barrel but I can't get a 14" m4 barrel without the proper paperwork? Could somebody explain that, or I am just that dense?
  7. Gunbroker has had short barrels on there before. Now the question I have is if you buy one of those barrels and say put it on a M4 would it have to be reregistered as a SBW?
  8. Hey Tuck , had a guy over on OLD GOBBLER pm me and tell me about it. Gave them a call,they're on clearance. Reason I got it so cheap. Gblr, give them a call Monday and they should be able to help you. Now will you all settle down and quit raisin a ruckus, and kittens quit instigatin!! startin to look like another forum I know of.
  9. Their # is 804-550-2188
  10. Had a hastings ported choke that fit Franchi I-12. berette/benelli will interchange with these.
  11. Green top hunting and fishing has a few pure gold chokes left that fit crio 40.00 apeice free shipping.
  12. U.Hunter

    3 aces

    do you have the flyaway editions? I remember seeing them back earlier in 2000's .
  13. Thanx for the advice guys. Startin to look like a change in the lineup for this year. I'm off for a couple of weeks because of my apendix so I can a least enjoy myself like this.
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