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A southpaw debating a SBE or SBE II


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Guys - I am quite new to shotgunning but not guns. I am an avid rifle \ pistol shooter and reloader of nearly 20 years; however, I have just a little wing shooting or clays experience.


As a left handed shooter - I have always found the shotguns I used to be very cumbersome and ill fitting for me. I have a couple of old right handed pump guns and a Fox side by side double. I really like the way the SBE feels in my hands and I have just started looking at the SBE II as well. What I want in a shotgun is something that will be very versatile (and very reliable) than I can hunt nearly anything a shotgun is used for PLUS do a little bit of skeet or clays for fun (and practice but never for competition).


I can afford the price but it just "seems" like a lot of money for a shotgun (pardon my lack of knowledge here). My question is with what I have in mind does the SBE sound like a good choice for me? The best price I have found in my area on a Black SBE II is $1240. This is with the 28" barrel. I have also found a NIB SBE for $1089. How do these prices compare to what others have paid? Is the SBE II worth the extra money? Used LH SBE's seem to be TOUGH to come by.


Are there other options that I should consider?

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The Browning BPS is generally considered to be ambidexterous because of the tang safety and bottom eject.

However, we're talking SBE's now.


I bought the SBEII in LH and sold my old right-handed guns.

If I had it to do over, I'd still go with the SBEII over the SBE.

The II features several improvements over the old SBE (not to be confused with the SBEII non-ComfortTech).

Crio barrel, extended choke tubes, stainless inertia recoil tube and spring, ComforTech stock, redesigned trigger guard, just to name a few.


$1240 is pretty much in line with what I paid at Gander Mtn. Had a heck of a time finding one in stock withing 200 miles of home though.


You can search gunbroker.com, auctionarms.com, gunsamerica.com for deals as well.


Keep just a few things in mind when buying the SBE or SBEII.


1. The minimum suggested load is 3 drams - 1-1/8 oz., so don't be pissed if she doesn't cycle light trap and field loads, even after break-in. Many do, but there are no guarantees.


2. The black finish on the metal parts will wear and scratch and begin looking like a used gun. Get over it.


3. Accessories and barrels are limited to non-existent for lefties, so decide what you want up front and do the research beforehand.


4. The ComforTech system DOES NOT eleiminate recoil, and 3.5" mags will smack you.


5. Benellis run a higher rib and take some getting use to. A few boxes of clays will get you on track. Plus, believe it or not, shooting a properly setup LH shotgun will affect your accuracy if you've been shooting righties for very long. I even found it difficult to reload because I kept turning her the wrong way.

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If you're comfortable using the RH guns and are used to loading them and handling them, the LH gun is actually going to feel awkward to you.


If the only shotgun you're going to use is going to be the new LH one, you'll adjust over time and be glad you switched.


If, however, you continue to use other righties, it's probably best to stay with the RH eagle for now.

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